The Death of TV

The Unbiased Pendulum

Imagine how difficult it is to come up with a TV show that caters to the need of Indian audiences. You have to come up with new names uk, cuz well all the other shit is predecided.

Indian tele tends to portray life with filters of prejudice and stereotypes preinstalled.

Think about it!

Isn’t every TV show protagonist from a well to do business family that lives in a house nothing short of a palace (someone show this to Snapchat CEO)

Aren’t all heroines portrayed as the epitome of womanhood, the better-half, truthful and loyal and sanskari af.

Aren’t all villains just interested in spreading chaos among their own family (read in British accent: Some people just wanna see the world burn)

The real world- as we know it isn’t filled with these two dimensional characters. Almost no-one is either black or white. Everyone dons some shade of grey, light…

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The Plight of Indian Daily Soaps

Source: The Plight of Indian Daily Soaps This is a joint venture by me and @dhruvteller. We've been toying with this idea for some time now. So presenting to you THE UNBIASED PENDULUM. The blog of random articles and just Indian things untainted by opinion. Tune into the blog to find out what I'm talking… Continue reading The Plight of Indian Daily Soaps

Python, The Journey...

Learning Python the Hard Way

After some research online (don't judge), I decided that the advent of my programming must be via the pristine easy-to-learn Python. I wanted to do this for quite some time now, and when I finished brushing up my web designing skills, it was the obvious jump to make. So surfing through the jargon of incomprehensible… Continue reading Learning Python the Hard Way

The Journey...


The first lesson on HTML tags via 2. Web Design – HTML Tags lesson 1 — Daniel's Blog Okay I know most of us learnt html in school. But in case you did not pay attention and now have this newfound zeal to learn web designing, I advise you to follow Daniel's blog. He posts regularly… Continue reading HTML

The Journey...

One Step Forward

Well, I realize it's been a while since I last posted and though I'm sorry for the delay, it was not time wasted. Well JEE-Mains result dropped today, and I hope all those who appeared secured good ranks and get into great colleges. But is a college education enough, certainly not in the field of… Continue reading One Step Forward

The Journey...


I haven’t read a lot of Shakespeare, and in that light the heading of this post may seem highly hypocritical, the truth is that this phrase gets thrown around so much that even established writers like Blyton make it a part their books, and0 I am just a noob. It’s become a cliché, and well… Continue reading TO BE OR NOT TO BE

Random Shit

The fb Dream

It's almost been a decade since the Facebook platform launched and it was pretty obvious that this year's F8, the annual conference for Facebook Developers was going to be a huge deal. You can watch the conference here... The two-day conference started with keynote from the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who laid down the Facebook road-map… Continue reading The fb Dream

Random Shit

The New Nokia

The droid community was hit hard by the loss of the coveted Nexus series, and the replacement, Pixel did not make good with die hard Nexus-ers. And although certain other OEMs like OnePlus and Lenovo churned out fast updates, they still were no match for the stalwart Nexus. So Nokia, a company which was the… Continue reading The New Nokia

The Journey...

The IIT Conoundrum

Does this really come as a surprise that India is regarded as the leading producer of run-of-the-mill computer engineers and scientists when it is evident from our education system that innovation and curiosity are rhetorical... Or that the information taught in schools is so objective and outdated and irrelevant ant taught only for the purpose… Continue reading The IIT Conoundrum