The Death of TV

The Unbiased Pendulum

Imagine how difficult it is to come up with a TV show that caters to the need of Indian audiences. You have to come up with new names uk, cuz well all the other shit is predecided.

Indian tele tends to portray life with filters of prejudice and stereotypes preinstalled.

Think about it!

Isn’t every TV show protagonist from a well to do business family that lives in a house nothing short of a palace (someone show this to Snapchat CEO)

Aren’t all heroines portrayed as the epitome of womanhood, the better-half, truthful and loyal and sanskari af.

Aren’t all villains just interested in spreading chaos among their own family (read in British accent: Some people just wanna see the world burn)

The real world- as we know it isn’t filled with these two dimensional characters. Almost no-one is either black or white. Everyone dons some shade of grey, light…

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