Python, The Journey...

Learning Python the Hard Way

After some research online (don’t judge), I decided that the advent of my programming must be via the pristine easy-to-learn Python. I wanted to do this for quite some time now, and when I finished brushing up my web designing skills, it was the obvious jump to make.

So surfing through the jargon of incomprehensible and usually illogical knowledge available online, I finally struck gold with Learn Python the Hard Way, a book for total noobs like me by Zed A. Shaw.

In this book, Shaw explains the art of learning the intermediate language in a way that is both captivating and enlightening in probably the best way possible. Easy language, step by step instructions, bonus credit and great understanding of his niche audience, i.e., the beginner, this is probably the best book you should pick up to learn python.

PS: If you want to access an html copy of the book go here.

Happy Learning!


5 thoughts on “Learning Python the Hard Way”

    1. Oh yeah, I’m hooked on it bruh. And the style of writing and dry humor is really not expected from a How To book. Really excited about Learn More Python the Hard Way coming out later this year.


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