The Journey...

One Step Forward

Well, I realize it’s been a while since I last posted and though I’m sorry for the delay, it was not time wasted.

Well JEE-Mains result dropped today, and I hope all those who appeared secured good ranks and get into great colleges.

But is a college education enough, certainly not in the field of any computer based stream or career you may wanna follow. And clearing the Mains examination doesn’t necessarily mean that you are qualified for a CS degree, it is afterall an examination based on PCM that at best tests your ability to mug up.

So the reason why I started this blog was to propagate self-learning in the field of computers and related topic and for the last week  or so I’ve been looking at the various paths you can take regarding this and I’ve come up with a list of things you can do.

If you are a trad university style learner then you may wanna check out one of the online learning courses at either Coursera , Edx, or Udacity. All three are based on the freemium model, so the lectures and some assignments are free but if you want a nanodegree certifying your ability you have to part with a chunk out of your pocket.

If like me you learn by trial and error Codecademy is the place for you. It has a beautiful interface and an online editor, and is free, though you have to pay for online assistance.

Also a fun approach to learning is provided by Brilliant so you may wanna check that out.

Happy Learning.


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