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The fb Dream

It’s almost been a decade since the Facebook platform launched and it was pretty obvious that this year’s F8, the annual conference for Facebook Developers was going to be a huge deal.

You can watch the conference here

The two-day conference started with keynote from the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who laid down the Facebook road-map for the next ten years.

The decade long project comprised the development of products and technologies to integrate into the existing and upcoming ecosystems and platforms the company plans to launch.


The biggest announcement in the two-day conference was undisputedly the launch of messenger platform and new API for developing AI bots for business inquiries

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Zuckerberg also laid down the foundation of Virtual/ Augmented Reality citing the recent examples of Gear VR, and upcoming technologies that would make Augmented Reality a REALITY.  Sorry for the pun.

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The Facebook co-founder also talked about net neutrality and the problems faced in connecting people to the internet, and some probable solutions including a lightweight aircraft to bounce signal, making the net cheaper and more accessible to all. Addressing the issue, he also made a snark comment on the new policies of the Trump administration and the need to “build bridges and not walls.”

The complete gallery of the event is uploaded below.

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