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The New Nokia

The droid community was hit hard by the loss of the coveted Nexus series, and the replacement, Pixel did not make good with die hard Nexus-ers. And although certain other OEMs like OnePlus and Lenovo churned out fast updates, they still were no match for the stalwart Nexus.

So Nokia, a company which was the mighty owerlords in the mobile market back in the double zeroes but lost sight due to the wobbly Lumia series and their okay-at-best android smartphones, is promising the trad Nexus experience, complete with Google standard OS and direct-to-consumer updates is looking to fill the void.

But we have seen promises like this before with companies like HTC offering similar ideology but rolling back on their promises. Well fool me once…you know.

Let’s just see what Nokia churns up..

It’ll be good to see the Finnish giant gaining lost market with a sturdy (even Nokia sturdy) phone with atleast a snapdragon 835 and great specs.

Fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “The New Nokia”

  1. Brother nokia is mainly a telecommunication equipment making company it is not keeping smartphone as priority so there is not much to expect from the company also i forgot to mention that smartphones from nokia will be just stamped phones it is not manufactured by nokia itself. The company is trying to display its presence

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