The Journey...

The IIT Conoundrum

Does this really come as a surprise that India is regarded as the leading producer of run-of-the-mill computer engineers and scientists when it is evident from our education system that innovation and curiosity are rhetorical…

Or that the information taught in schools is so objective and outdated and irrelevant ant taught only for the purpose of passing the goddamn examinations.

Perhaps I should not bitch about this but I just appeared for Jee Mains the day before, and boy, am I glad that it is over, that now I can devote time to the things I wanna pursue.

That said perhaps I will still prepare for Advanced because well my parents, like every other, are obsessed with the ‘IIT’ and the enigma that tag carries.

Frankly, I think that in the age of Internet, a uni degree has as much value as the paper it is printed on, if not less. I mean I can just access free lessons from all the top colleges in the world sitting at home, doing what the fuck i want to do, at whatever time I prefer, and especially in a field like computer science which is based on practicality.

But still I do support the college system, not on its merits, but because of the social opportunities it presents. Like how does a young motivated person meets like minded people, who have similar and often contrasting viewpoints and opinions all of which leads to mental growth.

So perhaps I will be on hiatus for another couple of months, after which I will start experimenting with shit and will blog more often.

Happy Reading!


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